środa, 01 lipca 2009

Bring me your piano

And teach me to play.

I will come over to you

stumping on the wet sand.

The salty air mingles with my breath

and makes me pause.

And yet,suddenly, I feel positively invigorated.

Scampering among the sharp grey boulders

i count on your cooperation.

Beat out the relentless sparks

with the keys

And make all those doubting stand on attention.


20:38, sleepwalking
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I love you just the way you are.

With your ceaseless pottering about

and awkward questions.

Your presence fills the whole flat with magnetism

and charges the dust particles drifting through the air.

20:34, sleepwalking
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Every day new pieces of information accumulate.

Are they enough to keep me alive?

20:32, sleepwalking
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Dead things come alive.

The world whirling about

The insistent voice on the telephone

cracles like a straw hat.

Decisive strokes of the piano bring me relief.

Do they really?

20:31, sleepwalking
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